The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publicationsort descending Author Research area Type Links Year
'Carbon Pricing: The Big Picture', in Crikey, 5 July 2011 Martin Jones[nid:331] Emissions trading Articles 2011
'CEEM submission to AEMC's Energy Market Arrangements for Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles', EMO0022 Graham Mills, Iain MacGill, Robert Passey Electric vehicles Submissions 2012
'Celebrating the flexibility of renewables', Climate Spectator, 2 May Jenny Riesz Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Large-scale Renewable Energy, Technology Assessments Articles 2013
'Characterisation of Australian apartment electricity demand and its implications for low-carbon cities', Energy, 180: 242-257 Mike Roberts , Navid Haghdadi , Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2019
'Climate change and the economy', in George Argyrous and Frank Stilwell (eds) Readings in Political Economy. 3rd edition, Melbourne: Tilde University Press, pp.15-18. Diesendorf, M. Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2011
'Collective Prosumerism: Accessing the Potential of Embedded Networks to Increase the Deployment of Distributed Generation on Australian Apartment Buildings', Energycon 2018, Limasol, Cyprus Mike Roberts , Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2018
'Consumer-centric service innovations in an era of self-selecting customers', chapter in CONSUMER, PROSUMER, PROSUMAGER: How Service Innovations Will Disrupt the Utility Business Model, ed. F.P. Sioshansi, Academic Press Emi Minghui Gui, Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring Book Chapters 2019
'Cost-reflective tariffs will do little to reduce network costs' in RenewEconomy Rob Passey , Navid Haghdadi Electricity Markets & Restructuring Articles 2016
'Critiquing the use of war to mobilise peaceful climate action: A response to Kester & Sovacool', Energy Policy 112:1-3.  Laurence L. Delina, Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2018
'Data driven exploration of voltage conditions in low voltage network for sites with distributed solar PV', APSRC 2017, Melbourne, Australia Naomi Stringer, Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2017
'Data-driven Assessment of Aggregate Distributed Photovoltaic Generation and its Impacts on Electricity Network Planning', PhD Thesis Navid Haghdadi Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Theses 2017
'Distributional Effects of the European Emissions Trading System and the Role of Revenue Recycling - Empirical evidence from combined industry - and household-level data - Discussion Paper'. A combined effort from CEEM (UNSW), the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and the Free University Berlin Cludius, J., Beznoska, M., Steiner, V. Emissions trading Reports and Working Papers 2012
'Does coal have a future in Australia?', Climate Spectator, 30 April Jenny Riesz Sustainability & general, Technology Assessments Articles 2013
'Electrified Transport Opportunities for Low Carbon Mobility in Australian Cities', APSRC 2018, Sydney, Australia Katelyn Purnell, Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Electric vehicles Conference Papers 2018
'Energy Sales Targets: An alternative to White Certificate Schemes', Energy Policy, 37(6), p2310-2317 Passey, R., MacGill, I. Emissions trading, Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2009
'Energy Transition: A UNSW Climate Change Blueprint' Watt, M., Ngo, A., MacGill, I., Elliston, B. Sustainability & general Reports and Working Papers 2017

'Essays in Market Designs for Emissions Trading Schemes', a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, School of Economics, University of NSW.

Restiani, P.A. Emissions trading Theses 2010

'Estimating the Economic Value of Distributed PV Systems in Australia', at the IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Asia Conference, in Perth, Nov 13-16, 2011

Oliva, S.J., MacGill, I.F. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Technology Assessments Conference Papers 2011
'Fast Frequency Response Markets for High Renewable Energy Penetrations in the Future Australian NEM', APSRC 2017, Melbourne, Australia James Banks, Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring Conference Papers 2017
'Final report on UNSW Project for AEMO to develop a prototype wind power forecasting tool for potential large rapid changes in wind power' Cutler, N., Outhred, H.[nid:330], MacGill, I. Large-scale Renewable Energy Reports and Working Papers 2011