The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publication Author Research area Typesort descending Links Year
'Can energy security and effective climate change policies be compatible?’, In L Anceschi & J Symons (eds) Energy Security in the Era of Climate change: The Asia-Pacific experience. Palgrave Macmillan, p72-87 Diesendorf, M. Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2012
'The great rebalancing act: Rattling the electricity value chain from behind the meter', in "Innovation and Disruption at the Grid’s Edge: How distributed energy resources are disrupting the utility business model", Ed. Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, Elsevier. Iain MacGill Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Book Chapters 2017
'Consumer-centric service innovations in an era of self-selecting customers', chapter in CONSUMER, PROSUMER, PROSUMAGER: How Service Innovations Will Disrupt the Utility Business Model, ed. F.P. Sioshansi, Academic Press Emi Minghui Gui, Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring Book Chapters 2019
'Australian Climate Change Policy and it's Implications for Asia-Pacific Partnership Countries,' in Addressing Climate Change: Governance and Policy Issues, ed. S. Rajagopalan, Icfai University Press. MacGill I.F., H.R. Outhred[nid:330] Emissions trading, Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2009
Redesigning energy systems, in John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard & David Schlosberg (eds)Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society. Oxford University Press, pp.561-578. Diesendorf, M. Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2011

The Transition to Renewable Energy, in A D Owen and N Hanley (editors), The Economics of Climate Change, London: Routledge, 2004

Tony Owen Large-scale Renewable Energy, Electricity Markets & Restructuring Book Chapters 2004
‘A genuine “green” economy must be ecologically sustainable and socially just’. In: Schroeder, S. & Chester, L, (eds) Challenging the Orthodoxy: Reflections on Frank Stilwell’s contribution to political economy. Springer, pp. 223-241 Diesendorf, M. Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2013

The Evolving Australian National Electricity Market: An Assessment. In: Power Progress: An Audit of Australia's Electricity Reform Experiment edited by Graeme Hodge, Valarie Sands, David Hayward and David Scott

Hugh Outhred[nid:330] Electricity Markets & Restructuring Book Chapters 2004
'Towards an electricity sector with 100% renewable energy generation'. In: Probst O, Castellanos S, Palacios R (eds) Transforming the Grid towards Fully Renewable Energy. London: Institution of Engineering & Technology, pp.23-44.  Mark Diesendorf Large-scale Renewable Energy Book Chapters 2020
'Energy systems for sustainable prosperity'. In: Williams SJ & Taylor R (eds) Sustainability and the New Economics: Synthesising ecological economics and modern monetary theory. Springer. ISBN hardcover 978-3-030-78794-3, ISBN eBook 978-3-030-78795-0. Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2022

Can geosequestration save the coal industry?, in J. Byrne, Leigh Glover and Noah Toly (eds), Transforming Power: Energy as a Social Project, Vol. 9, Energy and Environmental Policy Series, pp.223-248

Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Book Chapters 2006
'Emissions Trading in Practice: Lessons learnt from the European emissions trading scheme', in Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia Betz, R. Emissions trading Book Chapters 2014
'Accidents, wastes and weapons: nuclear power isn't worth the risks’, The Conversation Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2015
‘Dispelling the nuclear 'baseload' myth: nothing renewables can't do better!’, in The Ecologist Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2016
'How rapidly can we transition to 100% renewable electricity?' in RenewEconomy Mark Diesendorf Electricity Markets & Restructuring Articles 2018
'How solar PV contributes to the maintenance of power system security' in RenewEconomy Naomi Stringer Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Articles 2019
'What is a fair carbon budget for Australia?', RenewEconomy Mark Diesendorf , Dennys Angove Emissions trading, Sustainability & general Articles 2020
'Peter Garrett gives Labor a free pass on climate action', Pearls & Irritations Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Articles 2021
'Nempy: A Python package for modelling the Australian National Electricity Market dispatch procedure', Journal of Open Source Software, 70 Nicholas Gorman , Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring Articles 2022
'It will be impossible to replace fossil fuels by 2050, unless we cut our energy consumption', The Conversation Mark Diesendorf Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Sustainability & general Articles 2022