The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publication Author Research area Typesort descending Links Year
'It will be impossible to replace fossil fuels by 2050, unless we cut our energy consumption', The Conversation Mark Diesendorf Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Sustainability & general Articles 2022
'Risk Rising, Uncertainty Falling', New Matilda, 25 May 2011 Martin Jones[nid:331] Sustainability & general Articles 2011

'Who Will Keep It Clean?', by Martin Jones, in New Mathilda, 26 Sept 2011

Martin Jones[nid:331] Emissions trading Articles 2011

The Claytons ETS, ABC Unleashed, 19th Aug 2009

Paul Twomey Emissions trading Articles 2009
“Carbon tax dumped: how do we get to 100% renewable energy?”, The Conversation, 22 July Jenny Riesz Emissions trading Articles 2013
'Transmission access: Putting renewables on an equal footing', Business Spectator Jenny Riesz Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Large-scale Renewable Energy Articles 2014
'Do renewables really matter?', Climate Spectator Jenny Riesz Sustainability & general Articles 2014
'Photovoltaics in Australia: Time for a rethink', IEEE Power & Energy, March/April Iain MacGill , Anna Bruce Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Articles 2015
'Nuclear energy is dirty, unsafe and uneconomic: environmental scientist’, New Matilda Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2015
‘Why would the world accept Australia's offer to store nuclear waste?’, in The Conversation  Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2016
‘Renewable energy breeding’ can stop Australia blowing the carbon budget – if we’re quick', in The Conversation Mark Diesendorf Electricity Markets & Restructuring Articles 2018
'Economic recovery from Covid-19 while mitigating climate change', Pearls & Irritations Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Articles 2020
'New grid needs cooperation', Canberra Times Mark Diesendorf Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Large-scale Renewable Energy Articles 2019
'It’s time for a serious consideration of a job guarantee', Pearls & Irritations Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Articles 2020
'We must reduce global energy consumption to reach net zero emissions by 2050', illumen Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Articles 2022
'Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption', The Conversation Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general, Technology Assessments Articles 2022
'Three essays on carbon and environmental markets in the EU and China' PhD Dissertation Xinyang Wei Emissions trading Theses 2016
'Data-driven Assessment of Aggregate Distributed Photovoltaic Generation and its Impacts on Electricity Network Planning', PhD Thesis Navid Haghdadi Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Theses 2017
'Distributional Effects of Energy and Climate Policy' Johanna Cludius Sustainability & general Theses 2015

'Essays in Market Designs for Emissions Trading Schemes', a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, School of Economics, University of NSW.

Restiani, P.A. Emissions trading Theses 2010