The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publication Author Research area Typesort descending Links Year
'A case study on the behaviour of residential battery energy storage systems during network and demand peaks,' Renewable Energy, 2021 Hou Sheng Zhou , Rob Passey , Anna Bruce , Alistair B. Sproul Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2021
'Consumer cost savings, improved thermal comfort, and reduced peak air conditioning demand through pre-cooling in Australian housing', Energy and Buildings, 271 Shayan Naderi , Simon Heslop , Dong Chen, Iain MacGill , Gloria Pignatta Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2022
'High penetration wind generation impacts on spot prices in the Australian national electricity market', Energy Policy, 39, p5939-5949. Cutler, N.J., Boerema, N., MacGill, I.F., Outhred, H.R.[nid:330] Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2011
'Interactions between energy security and climate change: A focus on developing countries', Energy Policy, 39(6), p3750-3756. Bazilian, M., Hobbs, B.F., Blyth, W., MacGill, I., Howells, M. Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2011

'Scheduling of Demand Side Resources Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization,' forthcoming in IEEE Transactions in Power Systems.

Pedrasa M.F., Spooner, E.D., MacGill, I.F. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2009

Environmental Externalities, Market Distortions and the Economics of Renewable Energy Technologies, The Energy Journal, Vol. 25, 127-156 .

Tony Owen Large-scale Renewable Energy, Electricity Markets & Restructuring Journal Papers 2004
Externalities and Subsidies: the Economics of Hydrogen-based Transportation Technologies, Energy Studies Review, Vol. 13, 2005, pp. 128-144 Tony Owen Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2005

Is There a Sustainable Future for Nuclear Power, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp 63-74

Iain MacGill, Stephen Healy, Hugh Outhred[nid:330] Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2006

Newsvendor 'Pull-to-Center Effect: Adaptive Learning in a Laboratory Experiment," Manufacturing and Services Operations Management, 10, p590-608.

Bostian, AJ.A., Holt, C.H., Smith, A.M. Emissions trading Journal Papers 2008
Oil Supply Insecurity: Control versus Damage Costs, Energy Policy, Vol. 32, 1879-1882 Tony Owen Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2004

Planning paths for the electrification of small villages using decentralised generation: experience from Senegal , to appear in International Journal of Energy Sector Management, for more details please contact Zaida Contreas directly)

Zaida Contreras Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2007

'Utilising Multiple Grid Points in Numerical Weather Prediction System Forecasts to Characterise Potential Large Rapid Changes in Wind Power Generation',Modern Energy Review; 2(2): 44-47. Available here

Cutler, N.J., Outhred, H.R.[nid:330], MacGill, I.F. Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2010
'Simulations of scenarios with 100% renewable electricity in the Australian National Electricity Market', Energy Policy 45, p. 606-613 Elliston, B., Diesendorf, M., MacGill, I.F. Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2012
Economic functioning and politically pragmatic justification of tradable green certificates in Poland, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 13(2), p157-175 Heinzel, C., Winkler, T. Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2011
'Assessing the value of wind generation in future carbon constrained electricity industries', Energy Policy, 53, p400-412. Vithayasrichareon, P., MacGill, I. Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2013
'Assessing “Gas Transition” pathways to low carbon electricity – An Australian case study' Riesz, J. , Vithayasrichareon, P., MacGill, I. Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general, Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2015
'Statistical analysis of driving factors of residential energy demand in the greater Sydney region, Australia’, Energy and Buildings, 105, p9-25 Fan, H., MacGill I.F., Sproul, A. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2015
‘Shunning nuclear power but not its waste: assessing the risks of Australia becoming the world's nuclear wasteland’, Energy Research & Social Science 19, p142-147 Diesendorf, M. Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2016
‘Quantifying the costs of a rapid transition to electric vehicles’, Applied Energy, 180, p287-300. Riesz, J. , Sotiriadis, C., Anbach, D., Donovan, S. Electric vehicles Journal Papers 2016
'Grid-Connected PV Systems in the Pacific Island Countries', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 58, pp. 419 – 428 Atul Raturi , Aman Singh, Ravita D.Prasad Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2016