The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publication Author Research area Typesort ascending Links Year
'Transfer patterns in Phase I of the EU Emissions Trading System: a first reality check based on cluster analysis’, Climate Policy Betz, R., Schmidt, T.S. Emissions trading Journal Papers 2015
'Designing more cost reflective electricity network tariffs with demand charges', Energy Policy, 109, p642-649. Passey, R., Haghdadi, N., Bruce, A., MacGill I. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2017
'Who pays, who benefits? The financial impacts of solar photovoltaic systems and air-conditioners on Australian households’, Energy Research and Social Science, 39, p198-215 Passey, R., Watt, M., Bruce, A. , MacGill, I. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2018
'Implications of trends in energy return on energy invested (EROI) for transitioning to renewable electricity', Ecological Economics 176:106726 Mark Diesendorf , Thomas Wiedmann Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2020
'Consumer-Led Transition: Australia's World-Leading Distributed Energy Resource Integration Efforts', IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, 18(6), p20-36.     Naomi Stringer , Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill , Navid Haghdadi , Peter Kilby, Jacqui Mills, Taru Veijalainen, Matt Armitage, Nigel Wilmot Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2020
'Renewable energy based electricity generation in the pacific island countries', Tech Monitor, 31(3). pp14-22 Atul Raturi , Ravita D.Prasad Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2014
'Energy Justice for All?  Rethinking Sustainable Development Goal 7 through struggles over traditional energy practices in Sierra Leone Energy Policy', Energy Policy, 105, pp. 635-641 Paul Munro , Greg van der Horst, Stephen Healy Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2017
‘The value of flexible load in power systems with high renewable energy penetration’, Energy, 188  Zoe Hungerford, Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2019
'Assessment of control tools for utilizing excess distributed photovoltaic generation in domestic electric water heating systems', Applied Energy, 300 Baran Yildiz , Mike Roberts , Jose I. Bilbao, Simon Heslop , Anna Bruce , Jonathon Dore, Iain MacGill , Renate Egan , Alistair B. Sproul Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2021
Method for Determining a PV Generation Limit on Low Voltage Feeders for Evenly Distributed PV and Load, Energy Procedia., 2014, Vol.57, p.207-216, ISSN: 1876-6102 Simon Heslop , Iain MacGill , John Fletcher, Simon Lewis Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2014
'Impact of residential battery energy storage systems on the peak reverse power flows from distributed photovoltaic systems', Journal of Energy Storage, 52  Hou Sheng Zhou , Rob Passey , Anna Bruce , Alistair B. Sproul Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2022
'Using nacelle-based wind speed observations to improve wind power forecasts', Wind Energy, 15(2), p245-258 Cutler, N.J., Outhred, H.R.[nid:330], MacGill, I.F. Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2012
'A Monte Carlo based decision-support tool for assessing generation portfolios in future carbon constrained electricity industries', Energy Policy 41, p374-392. Vithayasrichareon, P., MacGill, I.F. Electricity Markets & Restructuring Journal Papers 2012
'Assessing the sustainability challenges for electricity industries in ASEAN newly industrialising countries', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 (4), p2217-2233. Vithayasrichareon, P., MacGill, I.F., Nakawiro, T. Electricity Markets & Restructuring Journal Papers 2012

Detecting, Categorising and Forecasting Large Ramps in Wind Farm Power Output using Meteorological Observations and WPPT. Early view published online for the Wind Energy Journal, vol 10 issue 5 pp453-470.

Nicholas Cutler, Merlinde Kay, Kieran Jacka, Torben Nielsen Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2007

Emerging Challenges in Wind Energy Forecasting, forthcoming in Australian Meteorological Magazine(accepted for publication).

Kay, M.J., Cutler, N.J., MacGill, I.F., Outhred, H.R.[nid:330] Large-scale Renewable Energy Journal Papers 2009

Forward Contracts in Electricity Markets: the Australian Experience, Energy Policy, vol 35 pp. 3089-3103

Eddie Anderson, Xinmin Hu, Donald Winchester Electricity Markets & Restructuring Journal Papers 2007

Price Bubbles with Discounting: A Web-Based Classroom Experiment, Journal of Economic Education, 40, p27-37.

Bostian, AJ.A., Holt, C.H. Emissions trading Journal Papers 2009
Spatial-Temporal Enhancements of Material Flux Analysis Methods, with Application to Cadmium Management in an Agricultural Region in Australia, Clean Technology and Environmental Policy, Doi: 10.1007/s10098-009-0226-3. Jakrawatana, N., Moore, S., Lim, S., MacGill, I. Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2009
Sustainability of uranium mining and milling: toward quantifying resources and eco-efficiency,Environmental Science & Technology. 42(7), 2624-2630. Gavin Mudd, Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2008