Who we are


The following lists the current Centre Management as well as Research Staff and Postgraduate students.


Name & Position



Dr Iain MacGill
Joint Director 
Faculty of Engineering i.macgill[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Maria Balatbat
Joint Director 
UNSW Business School m.balatbat[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Anna Bruce
Research Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering a.bruce[at]unsw.edu[dot]au 
  Dr Declan Kuch
Research Coordinator
 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  d.kuch[at]unsw.edu[dot]au


Research colleagues

Dr Rob Passey
Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Engineering r.passey[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Navid Haghdadi
Postdoctoral Research Associate
 Faculty of Engineering n.haghdadi[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

Dr Mike Roberts
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Faculty of Engineering m.roberts[at]unsw.edu[dot]au 
Nicholas Gorman
Research Assistant
 Faculty of Engineering  n.gorman[at]unsw.edu[dot]au



Name Faculty Email
Peter Hunt Faculty of Built Environment  p.hunt[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Kanyawee Keeratimahat Faculty of Engineering k.keeratimahat[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Naomi Stringer Faculty of Engineering n.stringer[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Luke Marshall Faculty of Engineering luke.marshall[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Yusak Tanoto Faculty of Engineering y.tanoto[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Katelyn Purnell Faculty of Engineering k.purnell[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Samuel Grant Faculty of Engineering s.grant[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Mohsen Fadaee Nezhad Faculty of Engineering mohsen.fadaee[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Manu Rawali Faculty of Engineering


CEEM colleagues

 Professor Renate Egan    

Former colleagues

 A. Prof. Mark Diesendorf    
 Dr Paul Twomey    


Check out where some of our previous colleagues work now here: