The Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) at the University of New South Wales undertakes interdisciplinary research in the design, analysis and performance of energy and environmental markets and their associated policy frameworks. 

CEEM brings together UNSW researchers from the UNSW Business School (was the Australian School of Business), the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Institute of Environmental Studies, and the Faculty of Law, working alongside a growing number of international partners.


Coming events

Workshop Series: Energy Resilience in Pacific Island Countries (1-3 Dec 2020)

Resilience in an energy system can be defined as its ability to resist, absorb, accommodate, adapt to, transform and recover from shocks and stresses. Energy resilience in the Asia-Pacific region is shaped by dynamics relating to energy security, transitions, reliability and recent disasters, such as coastal flooding, volcanic eruptions, cyclones and COVID-19. This online, interactive workshop series will open up dialogue on energy resilience focusing on the experience of Pacific Island Countries, as well as exchange experiences with other regions.

This is a FREE event. More information, including tickets, is available here.

Recent events

Presenter: Iain MacGill , Atul Raturi, USP, Manu Rawali, UPNG, Danny DeSchutter, ThinkPlace, Anna Bruce , Chris Martell, GSES, Simon Franklin, ITP Renewables, Brian Spak, CSIRO
Blind men and the elephant: The problem of resource adequacy in US organized power markets (2019)
Presenter: Eric Gimon (Energy Innovation)