The Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) at the University of New South Wales undertakes interdisciplinary research in the design, analysis and performance monitoring of energy and environmental markets and their associated policy frameworks. CEEM brings together UNSW researchers from the UNSW Business School (was the Australian School of Business), the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Institute of Environmental Studies, and the Faculty of Law, working alongside a growing number of international partners.

Its research areas include market-based environmental regulation including emissions trading, white certificate schemes and renewable energy targets, the integration of stochastic renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles into the electricity network, the design of spot, ancillary and forward electricity markets, and the broader policy context in which all these markets operate.

CEEM was established in 2004, largely as a response to government initiatives to reorganise infrastructure industries (such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications).  Also during this period, markets in tradable environmental instruments were increasingly being relied upon as a form of environmental regulation.


CEEMs research priorities follow the four National Research Priorities for Commonwealth-funded research:   

  1. An environmentally sustainable Australia (sustainable energy, water and waste management);
  2. Promoting and maintaining good health (air and water quality, climate change mitigation); 
  3. Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries (facilitating the greater use of sustainable technologies, for example in electricity generation and consumption)
  4. Safeguarding Australia (energy security and environmental protection in Australia and countries in the region).

Research Collaborations

CEEM brings together researchers in UNSW and partner organisations, contributing to UNSW's ability to provide world-class research, advice and education. Within UNSW, CEEM developed from pre-existing collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and the Australian School of Business.

CEEM also maintains active research links with a number of local and international partners.


Members of CEEM provide consulting and advisory services in the field of energy and environmental markets.