CEEM's research areas include market-based environmental regulation including emissions trading, white certificate schemes and renewable energy targets, the integration of stochastic renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles into the electricity network, the design of spot, ancillary and forward electricity markets, and the broader policy context in which all these markets operate.

CEEM brings together researchers in UNSW and partner organisations, contributing to UNSW's ability to provide world-class research, advice and education. Within UNSW, CEEM developed from pre-existing collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and the UNSW Business School.

CEEM also maintains active research links with a number of local and international partners.

Research Projects

Project MATCH 

The aim of this project is to establish a robust monitoring and analysis toolbox to better understand the behaviour of distributed energy resources (DER) in major grid disturbances and the implications for power system security.


This project aims to increase community understanding of the role of solar, batteries, and other Distributed Energy Resources (DER), as well as energy management approaches, in maintaining electricity supply to regional and rural communities dureing bushfires and other disruptions to the electricity grid. The two year project will involve energy data collection and sharing of community experiences within and between 10 communities across NSW affected by bushfires and other extreme weather events.

Renewable PPA Tools

In this project we have built a set of open access tools to assist large energy users, energy consumers, buyers’ groups and local government to:

1. Contract with off-site renewables projects through a Power Purchase Agreement and therefore meet their renewables and emissions goals, and  
2. Assist in PPA monitoring, to ensure value for energy consumers.



Members of CEEM provide consulting and advisory services in the field of energy and environmental markets.