Appendices for the CEEM report Study of Grid-connect Photovoltaic Systems - Benefits, Opportunities, Barriers and Strategies, for the Western Australian Government.


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Appendix 6.1 & 6.2.pdf

6.1: Charts of Raw Load Data

6.2: Details of PV and ACDB insolation data

Appendix 6.3.pdf

Parameters and assumptions used for PV simulation

Appendix 6.4a Forrest Ave.pdf

Full analysis of SWIS locations

Appendix 6.4b Midland.pdf


Appendix 6.4c North Perth.pdf


Appendix 6.4d Osborne Park.pdf


Appendix 6.5a Geraldton.pdf

Full analysis of ?Edge of SWIS? locations

Appendix 6.5b GTN-Kalbarri.pdf


Appendix 6.5c Katanning.pdf


Appendix 6.5d Merredin.pdf


Appendix 6.6a Carnarvon.pdf

Full analysis of Regional locations

Appendix 6.6b Carnarvon-Carnarvon.pdf


Appendix 6.6c Marble Bar.pdf


Appendix 6.6d Meekatharra.pdf


Appendix 6.6e Port Hedland-AST.pdf


Appendix 6.6f Port Hedland-MDR.pdf


Appendix 6.6g Port Hedland-WFD.pdf


Appendix 6.7 to 6.10.pdf

6.7: Grid Connected Inverters - Control Types & Harmonic Performance

6.8: Relevance of various market mechanisms and processes to PV

6.9: Current programs and policies that drive PV

6.10: Existing Barriers to PV Deployment