2005 Inaugural CEEM Conference

CEEM held its inaugural annual conference which focused on current work and collaborations with international researchers. This included the application of experimental economics and agent modelling to the energy sector, emissions trading and associated instruments, and wider energy and environmental market issues. Presentations were given by:

Vernon Smith: Issues in the regulatory reform of oil and gas development [pdf]
Karel Nolles: Application of experimental economics to environmental market design [pdf]
Iain MacGill: Agent-based modelling tools for energy and environmental markets [pdf]
Regina Betz: Recent developments in the EU emissions trading scheme [pdf]
Rob Passey: Some recent developments in Australian climate-related policy mechanisms [pdf]
Tony Owen: International oil prices; drivers and outlook [pdf]
Hugh Outhred: Outlook for the Australian energy sector [pdf]

This conference culminated a week of workshops in collaboration with George Mason University (USA), the CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems group and the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship group - see 'Workshops'.