2007 Annual Conference

3rd CEEM Annual Conference
Emissions Trading - Getting Crucial Design Elements Right

Program [pdf]
Welcome address:  Joint Director Iain MacGill [pdf]

Session 1   Trajectories: Setting the Cap

Experiences from the EU, by Joachim Schleich (Fraunhofer ISI) [pdf]
New Zealands Approach, by Tim Denne (Covec Limited) [pdf
Review of Australian Proposals
, by Philip Freeman (Australian Conservation Foundation) [pdf]


Session 2   Allocation: Free Allocation and Auctioning 

Allocation in the RGGI, by Charles Holt (University of Virginia) [pdf
Experiences from the EU, by Regina Betz (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf]
Proposals for Australia, by Jack Pezzey (ANU) [pdf

Session 3    Linking Emissions Trading Schemes

Legal Issues arising with the Linking of International Emissions Trading Schemes, by Ashley Stafford (Baker McKenzie) [pdf
Can Existing and Proposed Schemes be Linked? How much needs to be Harmonised?, by Regina Betz (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf
Linking Options with the NZ ETS, by Tim Denne (Covec Limited) [pdf]


Session 4   Panel Discussion: What will the Consequences of Emissions Trading be? 
Chaired by Tony Beck - Australiasian Emissions Trading Forum

Experiences of Innovation Outcomes from the EU ETS, by Joachim Schleich (Fraunhofer ISI) [pdf]
What will be the Impact on Trade Exposed Energy Intensive Industry?, by Hugh Saddler (Energy Strategies) [pdf
Consequences of Emissions Trading on the Power Sector, by Julian Turecek (origin Energy) [pdf]
Will the Scheme Promote Appropriate Investment in Low-Emissions Technologies? by Iain MacGill (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf]

Panel Discussion