2009/10 Annual Conference






8.30     Registration


8.45 Opening remarks: Welcome



Part I: Copenhagen Outcomes and their Australian implications


9.00 – 10.15

Session 1:  The Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP 15): What happened, and what are the implications for Australian policy?          

A Government Perspective on the Outcomes of COP 15 [pdf]

(Annemarie Watt, Director International Relations Team, Commonwealth Department of Climate Change)

A Science Perspective on Mitigation Outcomes [pdf]

(Will Steffen, ANU)

An NGO Perspective: Environmental Integrity, Financial Matters and Adaptation [pdf]

(Will McGoldrick, Climate Institute)


10.15-10.45 Break


10.45 – 11.30

Session 2: The Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP 15): Continued

A Legal Perspective [pdf]

(Paul Curnow, Baker and MacKenzie)

An Industry Perspective: Future of Carbon Markets and Technology [pdf]

(Tim Nelson, AGL)

Perspectives on Forest-based Mitigation Outcomes [pdf]

(Penny Baalman, GHG Offset Services)


11.30 – 12.30

Panel Discussion and questions: Implications for Australian policy efforts and options


A moderated panel discussion including the speakers of sessions 1 and 2, with some additional guests


12.30 – 13.30

Lunch provided – and time for more discussion


Part II: CEEM Research



13.30 – 14.15

Session 3: Australia’s domestic climate policy

Copenhagen Prediction Market [pdf]

(Regina Betz, CEEM)

Financial Reporting of Emission Permits in the UK - Lessons for Australia [pdf]

(Maria Balatbat, UNSW School of Accounting)

Accounting for Voluntary Action [pdf]

(Paul Twomey, CEEM)

Experimental Results on Penalty Design within emissions trading [pdf]

(Regina Betz, CEEM)

Climate Policy Interactions [pdf]

(Paul Twomey, CEEM)


14.15-14.30 Break



Session 4: Australia’s energy policy

Green Jobs for Australia in a Carbon Constrained Future [pdf]

(Rob Passey, CEEM)

Integrating High Levels of Renewables: Implications for the Australian National Electricity Market [pdf]

(Iain MacGill, CEEM)

A Framework that Identifies Non-price Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Policies to Overcome Them [pdf]

(Rob Passey, CEEM)

Regulatory Barriers to Wide-spread Deployment of Renewable Energy in Australia [pdf]

(David Leary, UNSW; Faculty of Law)

Smart Grid Challenges and Opportunities [pdf]

(Iain MacGill, CEEM)


16.00 – 16.30

Final Discussion


16.30 Close