Joint CEEM-ISCR Workshop on Electricity Industry Restructuring, 19th - 20th April 2007

This two-day workshop organised by the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM), UNSW and the New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation (ISCR) reviewed experience to date and current research in electricity industry restructuring in Australia and New Zealand. The workshop theme was: Centralised versus decentralised decision-making in the electricity industry - in what circumstances is one or the other superior and under what conditions can they be successfully combined?  The workshop program may be viewed here.  The following presentations are available:

Day 1: 'Workshop theme and objectives' [pdf], by Hugh Outhred; 'Electricity Industry Restructuring in Australia: Taking stock' [pdf], by Hugh Outhred; 'New Zealand's Contemporary Electricity Reforms in Focus: Historical Myths and International Realities' [pdf] by Richard Meade; 'Assessing the performance of Electricity Markets: Part I Is NZEM one market?' [pdf],by Lewis Evans; 'Assessing the performance of Electricity Markets: Part II' [pdf], by Lewis Evans; 'Forecasting wind energy: challenges & solutions' [pdf], by Merlinde Kay; 'Wind Energy Integration: challenges and solutions' [pdf], by Filita Barker; 'Dynamical Electricity Pricing in California: Do customers Respond?' [pdf], by Matt Burgess

Day 2: 'Why ODV (ODRC) Regulation Inhibits Investment and can anything be done about it?' [pdf], by Lewis Evans; 'Using ownership to resolve Investment and Pricing Issues in Transmission and Distribution' [pdf], by Richard Meade; 'The Grid Debate: Part I' [pdf], by Lewis Evans; 'Network Representation in Electricity Spot & Derivative Markets' [pdf], by Hugh Outhred; 'Intervention in Electricity Investment: Required, or Self-Perpetuating?' [pdf], by Richard Meade; 'Forward Contracts in the Australian Market' [file missing], by Eddie Anderson; 'Short-term Resource Adequacy in the National Electricity Market'[pdf], by Stuart Thorncraft; 'Tradeable Environmental Instruments in Australia: Experience to Date & Future Prospects' [pdf], by Iain MacGill; 'NSW GGAS Outcomes and Design Issues' [pdf], by Rob Passey.