The Transition of Emissions Trading Schemes: From State to National Level

A joint workshop with Baker and McKenzie was held on the 12th August. Attended by 100 delegates from industry, government, academia and NGOs, it covered a wide range of issues relevant to development and operation of emission trading schemes in both Australia and Europe. Presentations are available: by Kay Gardiner (QLD Dept Energy) "Experiences in developing the Queensland 13% Gas Scheme" [pdf], David Hemming (DEUS) "Experiences in developing the NSW Benchmark Scheme" [pdf], Iain MacGill (CEEM) "Assessment of Baseline and Credit Schemes" [pdf], James White (IJETWG) "State based national emissions trading scheme in Australia" [pdf], Regina Betz (CEEM) "Allocation rules and investment incentives: Experiences with the European emissions trading scheme" [pdf], Karel Nolles (CEEM) "Designing efficient markets: results of market experiments" [pdf], Peter Hawkes (B&M) "Lessons learnt from other carbon markets" [pdf], Regina Betz (CEEM) "Transition and linking issues" [pdf] and Peter Zapfel (European Commission) "Linking of emissions trading schemes" [pdf].

Two associated papers are now available: "Emissions Trading for Australia: Design, transition and linking options" by Regina Betz and Iain MacGill, and "The importance of market institution in generating prices: A review from experimental economics and implications for real world experience" by Karel Nolles.