The presentations by UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below in chronological order, and some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Event Presenter Typesort ascending Research area Location Date
An Australian Perspective on Electricity Industry Restructuring and Sustainability Hugh Outhred [nid:330] Seminar Large-scale Renewable Energy, Electricity Markets & Restructuring Sustainable Energy Ireland, Dublin Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The Temporal and Spatial Aspects of Power-System Field-Recorded Data Mladen Kezunovic, Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M Seminar Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation CEEM, UNSW Thursday, May 24, 2007
Analysis and Management of the Impacts of a High Penetration of Photovoltaic Systems in an Electricity Distribution Network Simon Lewis Seminar Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Asia Conference, Perth Sunday, November 13, 2011
Experimental Economics and Emissions Trading (ET) in Sydney Regina Betz Seminar Emissions trading NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, Sydney Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Decentralised coordination of distributed power system resources using evolutionary programming Iain MacGill Seminar Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation CSIRO Intelligent Systems Monday, November 1, 2004
Electricity Industry in Iran: Past, Present and Future Mohammad R. Aghaebrahimi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Birjand, Iran Seminar Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Sustainability & general CEEM, UNSW Thursday, January 18, 2007
Evaluating Pollution Taxes in New South Wales Zaida Contreras Seminar Emissions trading DIW (German Institute of Economic Research). Berlin, Germany Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The Australian National Energy Reform Agenda: Where is it up to?, going and in whose interest? Iain MacGill Seminar Electricity Markets & Restructuring 2006 Annual Conference of the Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC), Ballarat Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Nuclear power: Magic Lantern or Pandora's Box? Hugh Outhred [nid:330] Seminar Technology Assessments Australian Institute of Energy Symposium: Nuclear Power for Australia, Sydney Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Refuting Fallacies about Wind Power Mark Diesendorf Seminar Large-scale Renewable Energy Public forum on wind power, Cooma, NSW Friday, August 25, 2006
Solving the intermittency issue(s) Iain MacGill Seminar Large-scale Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation REGA Forum 2005: Finding New Directions: Strategies for Continued Growth, Launceston Thursday, June 2, 2005
Forward contracts in the Australian Electricity Market Eddie Anderson Seminar Large-scale Renewable Energy, Electricity Markets & Restructuring CEEM, UNSW Tuesday, May 30, 2006
An energy efficiency policy model that addresses the influences of the Infrastructures of provision Rob Passey Seminar Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation eceee Summer Study, La Colle sur Loup, France Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Carbon-captured: Australia, Climate Change and the Coal Industry Dr Adam Lucas Seminar Sustainability & general, Technology Assessments Rm LG03, Lower Ground Floor, Tyree Energy Technologies Bldg (H6), Kensington Campus, UNSW Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Renewable Technologies in the Future NEM: 100% Renewables for Australia? Jenny Riesz Seminar Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Australian Power Institute (API) Summer School, Sunshine Coast Wednesday, February 24, 2016