The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publicationsort descending Author Research area Type Links Year

A services model of the electricity industry with particular attention to network services October 2002

Hugh Outhred[nid:330] Electricity Markets & Restructuring Archived 2002

A Survey of Techniques Used to Control Microgrid Generation and Storage during island Operation, to be published in the proceedings of the AUPEC 2006 Conference, December 10-13, Melbourne, Australia

Michael Pedrasa, Ted Spooner Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2006
A Theory of Electricity Tariff Design for Optimal Operation and Investment, , IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 4, No. 2, May 1989 . R.J. Kaye, H.R. Outhred[nid:330] Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Large-scale Renewable Energy Archived 1989
A version of the original options paper with added comments from the above authors [RTF], UNSW seminar presentation: Regulation to improve the Sustainability of the Electricity Industry by , 23 May 2002 [pdf] Hugh Outhred[nid:330], Karel Nolles Sustainability & general Archived 2002

Abatement technologies assessment - Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Unisearch Report for the Victorian Government's Greenhouse Challenge for Energy Study by Allen Consulting Group

Iain MacGill, Hugh Outhred[nid:330] Technology Assessments Reports and Working Papers 2004
Additional Action Reserve: A proposed mechanism to facilitate additional voluntary and policy emission reductions efforts in emissions trading schemes, CEEM discussion paper for comment DP_100212, February 2010 Twomey, P., Betz, R., MacGill, I., Passey, R. Emissions trading Reports and Working Papers 2010

Alice Springs PV Penetration Case Study Report, by CEEM for the Australian PV Association (APVA) with support from the Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation (P&W) and the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) This report provides key experiences from increasing levels of solar generated power into the Alice Springs electricity grid. See also full press release from Alice Springs Solar City.

Hancock, M. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Reports and Working Papers 2011
An ADRA Research Project to Overcome Barriers to Renewable Energy in Rural Indonesia by Community Capacity Building using the I3A Framework, at the International Solar Energy Society Asia-Pacific Conference, Sydney, 26th Nov 2008 Maria Retnanestri[nid:328], Hugh Outhred[nid:330], Tugino, B Astuti, A Rezavidi, A Prastawa Sustainability & general Conference Papers 2008

An Early Assessment of National Allocation Plans for Phase 2 of EU Emission Trading

Karoline Rogge, Joachim Schleich, Regina Betz Emissions trading Reports and Working Papers 2006
An Energy Data Manifesto, in Good Data, Edited by A. Daly, S.K. Devitt, and M. Mann, Institute of Network Cultures: Amsterdam. Declan Kuch , Naomi Stringer , Luke Marshall , Sharon Young, Mike Roberts , Iain MacGill , Anna Bruce , Rob Passey Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2019

An Energy Service Decision-Support Tool for Optimal Energy Services Acquisition

Michael Angelo Pedrasa, Ted Spooner, Dr Iain MacGill Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Reports and Working Papers 2010

An Evolutionary Programming Tool for Assessing the Operational Value of Distributed Energy Resources within Restructured Electricity Industries, at AUPEC '07, 9th-12th December 2007

Iain MacGill Electricity Markets & Restructuring Conference Papers 2007

Analyses of Photovoltaic System Output, Temperature, Electricity Loads and National Electricity Market Prices - Summer 2003-04, ANZSES'04, Perth, November .

Muriel Watt, Scott Partlin, Monica Oliphant, Hugh Outhred[nid:330], Iain MacGill, Ted Spooner Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2004

Analysis of Pacific Power and SECV proposals for an electricity market, Prepared for the Department of Primary Industry and Energy, February 1993 Executive Summary

Hugh Outhred[nid:330], John Kaye, Hugh Bannister Electricity Markets & Restructuring Archived 1993

Approaches to Using Renewable Energy in Rural Areas of China, presented at the ISES Solar World Congress 2007, Solar Energy & Human Settlement , Beijing, China, 18th-21st Sept. 2007

Long Seng To Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2007
Assessing Australia's Sustainable Energy Technology Options: Key Issues, Uncertainties, Priorities and Potential Choices, Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law, Vol 11, p85-100 Iain MacGill Sustainability & general, Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2008
Assessing Nuclear Power using a Risk-based Framework accepted for the ANZSES Solar 2006 Conference, Canberra, 13th-15th September 2006 Robert Passey, Iain MacGill, Muriel Watt Technology Assessments Conference Papers 2006
Assessing the potential impacts of electric vehicles on the electricity distribution network, 48th ANZSES Conference, Canberra, 1 Dec to 3 Dec 2010 Cain, A., MacGill, I., Bruce, A. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Technology Assessments Conference Papers 2010

Assessing the technology and policy needs for grid connected renewable energy services 2nd Annual Australian Renewable Energy Conference, AREC'2002, Sydney, Australia, December, 2002.

Iain MacGill, Hugh Outhred[nid:330] Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Technology Assessments Archived 2002

Auctioning greenhouse gas emissions permits in Australia, EERH Research Report No.29

Betz, R., Cramton, P., Seifert, S. Emissions trading Reports and Working Papers 2009