The publications from UNSW researchers now associated with CEEM are listed below by year, and within each year they are in alphabetical order. Some are available for download. You can categorise by publication type and/or research area and can also search by keyword.

Title & place of publication Author Research area Type Links Yearsort descending
'The mismatch in current demand charge-based network tariffs', in RenewEconomy Rob Passey , Navid Haghdadi Electricity Markets & Restructuring Articles 2016
Maximum PV generation estimation method for residential low voltage feeders, Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 2016, Vol.7, p.58-69, ISSN: 23524677 Simon Heslop , Iain MacGill , John Fletcher Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Journal Papers 2016
'Grid-Connected PV Systems in the Pacific Island Countries', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 58, pp. 419 – 428 Atul Raturi , Aman Singh, Ravita D.Prasad Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2016
‘Dispelling the nuclear 'baseload' myth: nothing renewables can't do better!’, in The Ecologist Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2016
'100% Renewables in Australia: A Research Summary' Riesz, J. , Elliston, B., Vithayasrichareon, P., MacGill, I. Large-scale Renewable Energy, Technology Assessments Reports and Working Papers 2016
'Assessing the Capacity Value of Variable Renewable Generation in the Australian National Electricity Market, APSRC 2016, Canberra, Australia Lo, W.-C., MacGill, I. Large-scale Renewable Energy Conference Papers 2016
‘Subjective judgments in the nuclear energy debate’, Conservation Biology 30(3), p666-669 Diesendorf, M. Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2016
CEEM Submission to the AEMC Consultation Paper: National Electricity Amendment (Local Generation Network Credits) Rule 2015 Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill , Rob Passey , Naomi Stringer Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Submissions 2016
'Shifting sands of Australia's electricity transition', InfraAsia Burgess, K Sustainability & general Media 2016
‘Why would the world accept Australia's offer to store nuclear waste?’, in The Conversation  Mark Diesendorf Technology Assessments Articles 2016
'Measuring project sustainability maturity level - A fuzzy-based approach’, International Journal of Sustainable Development, 86, p784-791. Siew, R.Y.J., Balatbat, M.C., Carmichael, D. Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2016
'Energy with Development: 50 years’ Experience of Community-driven Rural Electrification and Future Challenges for COOPEGUANACASTE in Costa Rica’, APSRC 2016, Canberra, Australia Madrid-Vargas, R., Bruce, A. , Watt, M., Rojas, Y.A. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation, Sustainability & general Conference Papers 2016
‘Shunning nuclear power but not its waste: assessing the risks of Australia becoming the world's nuclear wasteland’, Energy Research & Social Science 19, p142-147 Diesendorf, M. Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2016
'Assessing the viability of Energy-Only Markets with 100% Renewables', Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 5(1) Riesz, J. , Gilmore, J., MacGill, I. Electricity Markets & Restructuring Journal Papers 2016
'Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies in Viet Nam’, APEC Energy Working Group Various, incl Iain MacGill Sustainability & general Reports and Working Papers 2016
‘We can achieve sustainability -- but not without limiting economic growth’, in The Conversation  Mark Diesendorf Sustainability & general Articles 2016
'Distributed Energy Resources and the Australian NEM – a good match?’, APSRC 2016, Canberra, Australia Luke Marshall , Bruce, A. , MacGill, I. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Conference Papers 2016
‘Carbon footprint scenarios for renewable electricity in Australia’, J. Cleaner Production 124, p236-245 Wolfram, P., Wiedmann, T., Diesendorf, M. Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Journal Papers 2016
'AUSTRALIA’S CLIMATE POLICY OPTIONS, Submission in response to the Climate Change Authority’s Special Review Second Draft Report' Neil Raffan, Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill Sustainability & general Submissions 2016
'Large-Scale Renewable Energy Deployment in Developing Countries: Opportunities to address the energy trilemma of the Philippines’ electricity industry’, APSRC 2016, Canberra, Australia Enano, N., MacGill, I., Bruce, A. , Elliston, B. Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainability & general Conference Papers 2016