3-day Short Course: Fundamentals of Electricity Industry Restructuring: December 2006

3-day Short Course: Fundamentals of Electricity Industry Restructuring: A 3 day short course presented by Hugh Outhred in Singapore 6th-8th December 2006 and in Hong Kong, 11th-13th December 2006. Presentations are available: Activity 1: Comparing Generation Investment Options [pdf], Activity 2: Proce Setting [pdf], Activity 2: Price Solutions [pdf], Ancillary Services, Reliability & Security Assessment: Engineering management of uncertainty [pdf], Basslink: Implications of Tasmania joining the NEM [pdf], China's energy challenges and restructuring options [pdf], Climate change & Australia's response [pdf], Short course on Electricity Industry Restructuring: Resources [pdf], Economic management of long term uncertainty: Derivative market design & performance [pdf], Electricity Industry Restructuring for Distributed Resources [pdf], Electricity industry restructuring overview: economic, commercial & regulatory perspectives [pdf], Future Generation & Demand Options for the NEM [pdf], Power systems: generation technologies & demand characteristics [pdf], The global energy context, climate change and Australia's response [pdf], Global Energy supply & demand and climate change [pdf], Electricity Industry Governance and Regulation [pdf], Design of the National Electricity Market [pdf] , Performance of the National Electricity Market [pdf], Network models for nodal pricing [pdf] and Network nodal pictures [pdf], Network Services [pdf], NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme, 2003/04 Update [pdf], Power system operation in a restructured electricity industry [pdf],  Power Systems: basic concepts [pdf], Predicting the Future in the Context of the  National Electricity Market [pdf], Retail market design & the role of Energy Service Companies in Australia [pdf], Electricity industry restructuring in Singapore [pdf], The stationary energy sector & electricity industry technology [pdf], Review of experience with electricity industry restructuring in UK, USA & WA [pdf], Electricity industry restructuring in WA [pdf], Wind energy in the National Electricity Market [pdf]