Expert Workshop: Auctioning Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Permits - 28th November 2007

28th November 2007 Program [pdf]
Welcome [pdf]

Session 1   Auction Types and Suitability and the Impacts of Revenue Recycling
Presented by: Peter Cramton (University of Maryland) [pdf
Expert comment: Flavio Menezes (University of Queensland) [pdf]

Session 2   Frequency, Timing Issues of Auctions
Presented by: Regina Betz (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf]
Expert Comment: Stefan Seifert (University of Karlsruhe)

Session 3   Solutions to Limit Collusive and Hoarding Behaviour
Presneted by : Charles Holt (University of Virginia) [pdf]
Expert Comment: Vivek Chaudhri ( Monash University) [pdf]

Session 4    Methodologies to Test Auction Design: Experiments versus Controlled Field Experiments
Presented by Stefan Seifert (University of Karlsruhe) [pdf]
Expert Comment: Charles Holt (University of Virginia)

Discussion Summary of the workshop [pdf]

9th November 2007 Program [pdf]
Speaker Bios [pdf
Welcome Address [pdf]

Session 2   Lessons Learnt from Perspectives for Other Auctions

UK and US Auction Experiences
UK ETS/Acid Rain Programme Auctions
, by Peter Cramton (University of Maryland) [pdf]
Upcoming Auctions
European Emissions Trading Scheme, by Regina Betz (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf]
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), by Charles Holt (University of Virginia) [pdf]

Session 3   Proposal for Australia

Proposed Auction Type; Volume, Frequency and Timing; Technical Issues of the Auction (e.g. institution hosting the auction), by Stefan Seifert (university of Karlsruhe) [pdf] and Regina Betz (CEEM, UNSW) [pdf]

Session 4   Round Table Discussion

Chaired by Gary Stoneham (Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment)
Round Table Participants: Frank Muller (UNSW), Charles Holt (University of Virginia), Peter Cramton (University of Maryland), Joachim Schleich (Fraunhofer ISI) and Stefan Seifert (University of Karlsruhe)

Discussion Summary of Workshop [pdf]