Renewable Energy, Networks and Markets

Workshop on Renewable Energy, Networks and Markets

Room G3 Electrical Engineering Building,

University of New South Wales

9am – 2pm, Monday 17 August 2009


Jointly organised by:

  • The Department of Water and Energy, Government of New South Wales (NSW),
  • The Government of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany, and
  • The Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets, University of New South Wales (CEEM)


0845-0900 Introductions, outlining the cooperative arrangements between NSW & NRW:

  • Andrew Burnard, NSW Government
  • Dr Klaus Hassmann, NRW Government


0900-1045 Session 1 presentations:

1.     Andrew Burnard, NSW Government: Renewable Energy, Networks & Markets – NSW and Australia, Policies and Opportunities [pdf]

2.     Dr Klaus Hassmann, NRW Government: NRW perspectives on Energy Directions [pdf]

3.     Dr R Vassen, Insitut für Energieforshung, Thermal Spray Coating Development for Energy Systems [pdf]

4.     Jürgen-Friedrich Hake, Jülich Research Centre: Transforming the Energy Systems of the European Union – Between Policy and Research [pdf]

5.     Prof. Christopher Weber, University of Duisburg-Essen, Integrated Assessment Tools for Network Investments in Volatile Market Environments [pdf]


1100-1145 Session 2 presentations:

6.     Prof Christian Rehtanz, Technical University Dortmund, Challenges for Grid Development and Integration of Renewables [pdf]

7.     Prof Ross Baldick, University of Texas at Austin, Wind and Energy Markets: A Case Study of Texas [pdf]

8.     Prof Hugh Outhred, University of New South Wales, Integrating Wind Energy into the Australian National Electricity Market [pdf]

9.     Dr Nicholas Cutler, University of New South Wales, Visual Forecasting Tool for Large, Rapid Changes in Wind Energy [pdf]


1300-1400 Session 3: Working Lunch & Discussion Session on Potential Collaboration