Phoebe (Heywood) Dennis

School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Phoebe is a renewable energy data analyst working on projects with the Australian PV Institute (APVI) and Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM). Her research focuses on energy data analytics and modelling, including analysis of the performance and impact of distributed PV systems on power networks. She is contributing to the APVI's Solar Map and leading data processing for the SunSPoT rooftop solar potential tool. She is also developing an open-source community battery modelling tool for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions (IESS) and is working on Project MATCH.

For a list of publications please visit the ResearchGate link here



Title & place of publication Author Research area Type Links Year
An integrated framework of open-source tools for designing and evaluating green hydrogen production opportunities Muhammad Haider Ali Khan, Phoebe (Heywood) Dennis , Aaron Kuswara, Rahman Daiyan , Iain MacGill , Rose Amal Electricity Markets & Restructuring, Technology Assessments Journal Papers 2022
Modelled financial outcomes for community-scale batteries Phoebe (Heywood) Dennis , Rob Passey , Baran Yildiz Large-scale Renewable Energy Conference Papers 2022
Voltage Analysis of the LV Distribution Network in the Australian National Electricity Market Simon Heslop , Stringer, N. , Yildiz, B. , Bruce, A. , Heywood, P. , MacGill, I., Passey, R. Energy Efficiency & Distributed Generation Reports and Working Papers 2020
Historical Market Trends of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters in Australia Phoebe (Heywood) Dennis , Navid Haghdadi , Anna Bruce , Iain MacGill , Naomi Stringer Technology Assessments Conference Papers 2019