3-day Short Course: Competitive Electricity Industry Masterclass: 8th -10th May 2007

A 3 day short course presented by Hugh Outhred, for experienced industry personnel encompassing regulatory updates, NEM analysis, trading, risk management, pricing & managing market power.  Held in Brisbane 8th -10th May 2007. Presentations are available: Masterclass for the Restructured Electricity Industry: Course Outline [pdf]; Short Course on Electricity Industry Restructuring: Resources [pdf]; Electricity Industry Restructuring Overview: Economic, Commercial & Regulatory Perspectives [pdf]; Design of the Energy Spot Market in the National Electricity Market [pdf]; Network Services [pdf]; Network Models for Nodal Pricing [pdf]; Ancillary Services, Reliability & Security Assessment: Engineering Management of Uncertainty [pdf]; Economic Management of Long Term Uncertainty: Derivative Market Design & Performance [pdf]; Achieving Resource Adequacy in the Australian National Electricity Market [pdf]; Achieving Climate Change Response in the Australian National Electricity Market [pdf]; Renewable Energy: Policy Options & Integration Issues [pdf]; Publicly owned Hydro: Hydro Tasmania & Basslink; The Snowy Mountains Scheme [pdf]; Electricity Industry Governance & Regulation [pdf]; Review of Experience with Electricity Industry Restructuring in EU, USA & WA [pdf];